Speed dating form

Of 32 preceptors, 18 (56%) had found “a match” and 16 (50%) considered Speed Dating to be a very good strategy for matching residents with preceptors.

Twenty-six of 46 residents (57%) had selected their project, preceptor or both from Speed Dating and 34 of 48 who responded to the survey (71%) preferred Speed Dating vs simply receiving a list of potential preceptors and projects.

Factors that contribute to the success of resident research programs have not been established.

Musicians and band managers, who are trying to: – offer your bands to international festivals; – break into international media; – take advice from foreign professionals here is your chance to reach partners, exchange contacts.The term “Speed Dating” was coined for a round robin session designed to help singles find a mate, first described in Beverly Hills in 1998 (Wikipedia, 2018).This format was designed to allow one to meet many people one-on-one in a short period of time in a low-pressure environment.Residents typically have limited knowledge of the research interests or personalities of potential preceptors.Matching of residents with preceptors for research projects typically takes place informally, aided by distribution of a list of preceptors and projects and/or a “Meet and Greet” session.

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