Smelly woman fetish dating Totally undress tochar n fucking video

I did not know the content of CSS (Candid Stinky Soles), but other pages as California Beach Feet, Czech Feet, Dreamgirls in Socks and others have undoubtedly been a landmark in the way I make my productions.

Perhaps these three I mentioned are the pages that have marked in the artistic aspect and each one is excellent in its style; for my part I try that Smelly Natural Feet gather the best of each of these three websites plus the personal touch of my way of producing.

The truth is that my method of selection is completely primary and instinctive: when I see a girl who attracts me, either by road or by social networks, I intend to take some pictures and a short video to their pretty feet, with no shyness, and then it is the work of fate that they access or not to the proposal.

Anyway, it’s not easy that a girl could like me fully…

The problem comes when we are interested in a particular type of fetishism, as there are for all tastes: big or small feet fetish, long nails, shoes, stockings and socks, dirty feet, clean, with food, footjobs, etc.

The range is very wide and extensive but if there is a kind of fetishism that has many followers this is the foot-fetish smelling.

If this project goes well I do not stop innovating and producing: creativity is something that not let me stagnant even a moment.

We have implemented the bidding system to not get collapsed with orders, since each item you want needs to be worn a few days by the girl, so it reaches the customer with the aroma as fresh and exciting as possible.

Have you inspired on other websites for your project or SNF is a project that you had in mind previously?Perhaps best represents this style to date is the producer Candid Stinky Soles.Although it is not an Internet portal as usual, but a studio of online videos hosted on the famous and vast Clips4Sale headquarters.The video quality is very good, also is the light, very attractive exterior scenes and much morbidity in the conversations with the protagonists.The girls are not actresses or professionals; girls who could be a friend, girlfriend, neighbor or co-worker: clerks, college girls, housewives…

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