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It’s why Dr Hetherton says: “We do have to challenge our views.

I think they frame it in their minds in a way that’s positive.

Though no sexual contact took place, a report found she “clearly crossed the professional boundaries that would be expected from any teacher /student relationship." Harfield had contacted a student over Skype, and bought one an i Pad and a laptop.

Similarly Vaughan contacted a student over Facebook.

Unlike the other types of female perpetrators – ‘pre-disposed offenders,’ who have a history of being abused themselves, or ‘male coerced offenders,’ who sexually abuse younger people because a man is coercing them into it – these types of women convince themselves they’re in love. Anthony Beech, criminological psychology professor at the University of Birmingham, explains: “The teachers are entitled.

They think they can have sex with anyone they want. There’s a narcissism – I can do what I want because I’m the most important person going.” But what about women such as 26-year-old teacher Ruth Vaughan who kissed a student at a leavers’ ball and had a sexual affair with him after he started university?

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