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The couple mostly posts pictures of them on their social media.37 years old Josh Groban is an American singer/actor.

He comes from a family of four with mother Lindy who is a teacher and father Jack Groban who is a businessman, and he also has a younger brother, Chris, who is five years younger to him.

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Yes, here we are talking about Josh Groban who is not only recognized as a singer but also as a songwriter actor and record producer.

When one is a celebrity, it makes followers, fans and admirers wonder about both their professional life and also their personal life.

The question about Josh Groban’s sexuality has created so many doubts in the hearts of fans and other people.

I guess most of us know Josh’s professional life but wouldn’t you want to know what’s happening in his life off camera? When it comes to relationships in Hollywood industry celebrities, have a long list of stars that they had dated.

Just like any other celebrity Josh Groban also has a list of celebrities that he had dated and you never know he might as well be engaged. And strangely, Josh did not engage with any of them.

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