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The three worlds from then on out became interconnected, bringing drastic changes to the human world...

The story takes place in an average town in an average country.

Now, Yume Haven is releasing the console version of “Shuffle! In addition to the 5 girls’ routes which were originally available in the console version, 2 more playable routes have been added, “Kareha” and “Mayumi Thyme”.

Nerine Called “Rina” for short, she is the only daughter of the King of the Demons.

The story starts when the ordinary lives of Rin and his childhood friend Kaede is disrupted by the arrival of the king of the gods and the king of the demons, both of whom have decided the human Rin is to be the heir to their kingdoms...

meaning that they each want him to marry their respective daughters, Lisianthus (Sia) of the gods and Nerine (Rin again in the Japanese version, Rina in the dub to avoid confusion with the Unlucky Everydude) of the demons.

Two different families moved in either side of a boy who was living in peace and quiet.

These were the families of the King of the Gods and the King of the Demons, the rulers of their respective worlds.

This is the story of the very busy romantic adventure of a boy called “The man….

The 1990-91 OVA series based on those novels proved deeply influential on fantasy anime for the next coup...― And so, we've come to the end of the road.

After six years of answering your questions, this will be my final Answerman column.

The series is notable for its vivid character designs, catchy tunes, and interesting plot twists.

While still a comedy, is far more emotional than many of its counterparts in the harem genre.

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