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For those who scorn chubby girls, it may be a surprise for them that someone can actually simultaneously be happy and chubby.In fact, nothing about a chubby girl’s appearance make them unworthy of great love, awesome sex, and respect.They enjoy having a good meal so you can expect them to be more than willing to try out different restaurants and cuisines with you.Chubby girls, just like any woman, loves to hug and cuddle.Most have a fun and bubbly personality and they don’t feel that the world revolves around them. Warmth can be understood physically and emotionally — they are both.Physically, they feel warm when you hug and cuddle them.They may not be skinny sexy but they have an attitude to die for.

Now that you know how to treat a chubby girl, here are the 10 reasons why chubby girls make the best girlfriend around: Chubby girls are interesting to date because of their ability to talk about anything.Chubby girls know that their looks will probably not get your attention like curvy and petite women.However, they make it up with their charming and sociable nature that will click with you in no time.It simply means that no matter how confident they are, they are still subjected to proving their worth.You may meet the most confident chubby girl in the world but it wouldn’t change the fact that the society will try to convince them that they should hate themselves. If you like a chubby girl, provide her with safety and care.

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    (This piece was originally published at The every lesbian community there exists a tale as old as time, a proverb as common as it is contentious: Bi women cheat, betray, and ultimately leave — never for another woman, but for a man.