Sexiest peer to peer chat

Young people can speak to Childline on 0800 1111 or call The Mix (formerly Get Connected) on 08.Family Lives runs Teen Boundaries workshops for schools and youth groups to prevent sexual bullying, peer on peer sexual exploitation and promotes positive gender relationships by challenging attitudes and promoting tolerance, understanding and cohesion between young people.It is important that children and young people are educated on the issues of sexual bullying from a young age.This education should come from the home just and school.Rated and slated is when boys are encouraged to be sexually active and have multiple partners and if they achieve this, they get ‘rated’ by their peers.However, if a girl makes the same choice as the boy, she gets ‘slated’ for the same thing and bullied.

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The scars of these effects can last a lifetime if not supported and encouraged to address these feelings.

We all have a responsibility to teach children and young people to break the barriers of being stereotyped for their gender.

We often see from a young age, children are conditioned into play with gender based toys, whether it is cars for boys and dolls for girls.

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