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Skill development through practicum placements begins with interviewing/prepracticum courses in the first year and continues with placements in the University Counseling center the second year and in the Psychological Services Center the third year.In the second year, practicum students work with clients with educational, vocational, and/or developmental problems.As students progress, clients needing short-term psychotherapy may be seen.Clients seen in the third-year practicum are typical of persons seen in a community mental health center.(Commission on Accreditation, American Psychological Association, 750 First Street, NE, Washington DC 20002-424 ,(202) 336-5979) The Graduate Program in Counseling Psychology at Colorado State University is based upon a scientist-practitioner model of training.As such, the goal of the program is to produce students who are capable of advancing psychology as a science and who are proficient in the use of a variety of counseling and clinical techniques.

The Graduate Program in Counseling Psychology at Colorado State University has full accreditation from the American Psychological Association.In meeting this goal, students must demonstrate excellence in three basic areas: Fundamental to being a counseling psychologist is a broad knowledge of the theoretical basis of psychology.Breadth of knowledge in general psychology is developed largely through the core curriculum which includes topics such as human learning and memory, animal learning, personality, social psychology, measurement, history of psychology, physiological psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, and statistics.We definitely saw sculpted biceps and abs that look like they could slice diamonds on there.Tailored to the outdoors, it brings together people who d rather say, kayak up a waterfall like a motivated salmon than see a movie like an unmotivated salmon.

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