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Lost property If you have lost an item of property, we recommend that you make reasonable enquiries in the area.If lost on public transport, we recommend you contact the operator.In a non-emergency situation you can text us on: 07786 200814 For people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired: 07786 200815 If you are calling from outside of England & Wales, please call: ( 44) 1661 872 555 Click the button below to share information that you feel could help us investigate a suspected crime or safeguard someone who needs our help.For example, you might want to tell us about suspected drug dealing in your area, tell us something about an ongoing appeal or investigation that could help the case.By providing your contact details this will help us verify the authenticity of the information and support you as quickly as possible if we need to. If you have a genuine concern about something you’ve seen or heard, we’d much rather you tell us than keep it to yourself.That way, our specially trained officers can look into it. The police and the courts treat hate crime very seriously.Anybody can use this facility regardless of whether they are a victim, witness, or just someone who is aware of information that needs to be reported. This includes taking unauthorised short cuts through a garden or building.It also includes people trespassing on railways and other private or industrial land. Please have the following information available, if possible.

It is really important that you provide as much accurate information as you can.

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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Please note, if a passport or drivers licence is handed into the police station, they will be forwarded on to the DVLA or Passport Office.

They will not be returned to members of the public for security measures.

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