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Of course, as long as you meet the qualifications, you can teach from anywhere in the world. This platform has been featured on some of the top sites, from Forbes and Huffington Post to Wall Street Journal and even Education Week.

VIPKID is basically a platform that connects freelance teachers with Chinese students. Although the company recommends you make yourself available for at least 7.5 hours of teaching per week.

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There is a high demand for English speakers in a lot of developing countries. Historically, Asian countries hire native English teachers to go to the country where they are needed to teach in physical classrooms. Through what is known as “Virtual Classrooms,” companies can have teachers from anywhere in the world teach their employees English without having to spend thousands of dollars sending the employees to traditional schools or classrooms.

This also holds true for individuals who are trying to compete for jobs in a global economy.

On the other hand, for teachers – or really anyone who knows English and can teach it – this creates an awesome opportunity to make extra money from home. “What if I can’t speak any other language but English?

You have to set and confirm a time for the interview. A VIPKID teaching team member will do the live video interview with you.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that most of the support team (based on reviews, they have a very friendly staff) are based in China so because of the different time zones, during the interview process, you may sometimes receive emails early in the morning or late at night.

” Just knowing English could be enough in most cases.

English instructors, in many cases, do not need to speak a second language.

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