Senior dating agency scams

It used to be parents who worried about their children being picked up by unsavory types in bars and other seedy hang-outs.

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The obvious problem with this approach is that most dating site scammers are overseas and beyond the reach of U. Class action suits against dating sites are not likely to produce large settlements for individual victims. In the unlikely event that such a suit succeeded, the payout to individuals would be unlikely to amount to more than a token.

But after years of reading emails from people like Ellen, it becomes clear that they also often lack an understanding of just how impersonal large websites are and how difficult it is to track down scam artists who operate internationally.

When today's seniors were young adults, social media didn't exist and the content on major media outlets was tightly controlled by editors and directors.

Likewise, complaints to police departments accomplish little since local law enforcement agencies lack the resources to go after bandits operating outside their jurisdiction and, in many cases, outside the country."I sent them names of the contacts at the banks I sent the money through hoping they would be interested in at least nabbing some of the people in the rings in this country," one 70-year-old dating scam victim told us. They said they get several calls a day about this kind of thing just in my city of 100,000."Many scammed consumers think the law will make them whole."My question to you is: Can you please recommend an attorney that would help me recover my losses because of this crime?

" said one senior."These rings are very shrewd and sophisticated.

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