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This has created a wealthy class (the 1%) that is becoming richer and richer just because it already owns property or stock (assets), while a working class is struggling to make ends meet.

The economic crisis of 2008 has accelerated neoliberal policies by the austerity measures that have further gutted the welfare state.

Artist Klaas Burger invited me to research the underlying causes why people end up on campings.

During four months we visited over seven campings and spoke to residents, owners, politicians on the municipal and state level, social workers, and migrant worker organisations.

We’re at a huge advantage living in a city like Vancouver, where there are so many opportunities to immerse ourselves in’s pretty cheap.

Campings - or vacation parks - were originally built for family holidays in the 1950s.

Camping owners allow permanent residency because they need the money, and local politicians tolerate it because they cannot provide affordable housing in urgent cases, like divorce or eviction.

Most of the Netherlands has housing shortages and waiting times for social housing can be between five and twenty years.

Why did the amount of people that are homeless or in debt increase while the economy has been growing?

These are the results of Neoliberal policies which have been in place in the Netherlands since the 1990s.

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