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The duo went on to work in another film, which eventually cemented the affair.Kamal’s philandering ways with Simran didn’t go unnoticed by Sarika, and it is said she was deeply disturbed by it.Their first meeting was most probably in the year 2000, while they became well acquainted with each other in the year 2001 during the making of their film By the end of the making of the film, it is said the two co-actors started developing a certain romantic rapport.Kamal was very much married at that time but that did not stop him from having a fling with Simran who was 22 years younger to him.Kamal didn’t have any lineage from the world of cinema and gradually started developing an inclination towards performing arts. Saravanan, the son of legendary Tamil film producer Avichi Meiyappa Chettiar (known for AVM), and he cast him for the role of a child artist for the movie (Rashtrapathi Award) for his performance.From 1970s onwards, Kamal started portraying lead or supporting roles, and since that day and today, has acted in, directed and produced several critically acclaimed films..

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In spite of all the apprehensions, Kamal was not keen on taking their relationship to the next level, and soon broke-up.He shared screen space in this film with Srividya, a popular South Indian actress who eventually fell in love with Kamal by the end of the making of the film.Their affair was a subdued one with none of them talking about it much.He is often touted to be the most talented actor in Indian cinema.It is no wonder his work has inspired several film makers from world cinema.

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