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Media stories about internet crime, porn and cyberbullying can mean that safety concerns prevent some accessing the internet.Problems like this are part of what is described as the ‘digital divide’ between the ‘haves’, who have access to the internet and know how to use it, and the ‘have-nots’, who do not.Thus the digital divide can have an economic impact on older people who do not use the internet.The internet can also offer the possibility of enhanced communication between older people and their family and friends.For example, sight problems or arthritis might make it difficult to use ordinary keyboards or a computer mouse, memory loss may make the remembering of instructions or passwords a challenge.There are also fears of what may happen to you online.

Once a month there are very well-attended talks on subjects such as staying safe online, how the web works or healthy reading.

It is not possible to use the ‘switching’ websites to ensure that you have the best price for your electricity or insurance.

Whether it is buying train tickets or cinema seats, those who do it online get a better deal.

For example, those with no internet access cannot check their utilities bills and accounts online and so are more likely to miss payments or not challenge incorrect readings.

S ome companies now charge extra to continue to provide paper bills.

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