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I’m alone now.” O’Neal was thrilled to see so many people come out to remember Farrah.When asked his favorite memory of her he said, “No memory, except I loved her.” He also commented on rumors that his daughter Tatum is dating Rosie O’Donnell.I wasn't clean, so I wasn't really clear on what I was doing or what I wanted.

I don't have one-night stands at all anymore, so unless somebody is meaningful to me, no one comes into my house, nor do I go into theirs.

I imagine dating is going to be a bit easier for me now that I've said I like women, though—I've been getting a lot of messages on Instagram and Facebook from so many pretty girls. When I started dating women, my children never gave it a second thought.

I think my having a man around would probably have been weird for them, having such a strong father.

But because I was raised in such a tough, masculine, male-oriented environment, it just didn't even seem possible to date women seriously until I hit the determining age of half a century, which is when you figure out what you like and what you don't—or at least I did.

I'm not making a decision one way or the other, but I think that there is a softer, more gentle quality about women, and that's what I'm attracted to.

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