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Because Id Ps cryptographically sign the JWTs they issue, JWTs can be validated “offline” without a runtime dependency on the Id P.

Typically, a JWT also includes an expiry date which can also be checked.

For NGINX Plus, we also show how the cache can be distributed across a cluster of NGINX Plus instances, by updating the key‑value store with the Java Script module, as introduced in .

Except where noted, the information in this blog applies to both NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus.

NGINX and NGINX Plus can offer optimizations to this drawback by caching the introspection responses.

The processes for issuing, presenting, and validating an OAuth 2.0 authentication flow often rely on several related standards.

At the time of writing there are eight OAuth 2.0 standards, and access tokens are a case in point, as the OAuth 2.0 core specification (RFC 6749) does not specify a format for access tokens.

These are authentication credentials passed from client to API server, and typically carried as an HTTP header.

OAuth 2.0, however, is a maze of interconnecting standards.

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