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For a font family such as Arial, using a font size of 10.5 to 12 points gives the best results. It gives you excellent readability and allows you to fit a good amount of content into your application.

For the sake of simplicity, opt for standard characters.

Must also be attractive to employers looking for candidates.

Will be a global company with main clients in the USA.

In this digital job-searcher's day and age, where everything is pretty much done online, there are a couple of etiquette steps we often forget about.

One of the most important steps to take when turning in your résumé and cover letter via email or an online submission is to give it a proper name.

As for Sans Serifs (which literally means “without serifs”), Arial is the most common family of fonts. And the people who must review your application manually may not want to squint.

They could skip your submission for others that aren’t so visually challenging.

A font is a specific type of lettering and numbering design that you use in composing a written document.There’s no need to be fancy when it comes to resume fonts.Stick with one choice (such as Arial) and a couple of styles for variety (e.g. This way you won’t overwhelm your reader with a document that looks like it was stitched together by Dr. Ultimately you want your resume to be read easily by people and electronic scanners alike.Clerical jobs are found in many different employment environments but successful job performance typically requires certain clerical skills and abilities which are outlined in this job description. Insert your own job information to develop a job-winning resume.A number of clerical jobs start off as an entry level position but often expand into a more complex career role with experience.

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