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Zellweger subsequently relocated to Los Angeles, a move she had postponed several times because she believed she lacked the talent and experience to be a competitive actor in that city.She would next appear in the coming-of-age drama Empire Records (1995).For Nurse Betty (2000), she won her first Golden Globe, and for her portrayals of Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) and Roxie Hart in Chicago (2002), she garnered two consecutive Academy Award nominations for Best Actress.She reprised her role as Bridget Jones in two equally successful sequels (2004–2016).

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During casting, Zellweger was told she was too thin to play the chubby, chain-smoking Bridget, so she quickly embarked on gaining the required weight (20 pounds) and learning an English accent while she smoked herbal cigarettes.

Roger Ebert, showing approval of Zellweger and Cruise's chemistry in it, wrote: "The film is often a delight, especially when Cruise and Zellweger are together on the screen.

He plays Maguire with the earnestness of a man who wants to find greatness and happiness in an occupation where only success really counts.

The movie rated poorly with reviewers and made a lackluster US million in its domestic theatrical run.

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian stated that her "rabbity, dimply pout – surely the strangest facial expression in Hollywood – simpers and twitches out of the screen in this moderate girly flick that adheres with almost religious fanaticism to the feelgood romcom handbook".

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