Relationships police officers dating

Books, articles, talks and shared experience tell them it is their responsibility to take care of their officers without expecting much in return.

Police officers are necessarily decisive and firm when it comes to making decisions.

Letting go and sharing responsibility with Althea, trusting her expertise and judgment, and seeking input into decisions that not only affect us but also me is both liberating and healthy for our marriage.

Including your partner in decisions, or even deferring to their preferences with little or no debate, is known as accepting influence and is a critical component of successful relationships.

I’m an extremely extroverted person and had grown up with a very dysfunctional family life.

One of the things I desired in my marriage was someone who would be there on holidays, weekends, evenings and who could be my “partner in crime.” But watching Mike go to a job every day that he hated began killing my soul.

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