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And please note: this is decidedly not the same thing as listing off ways that I talk about "asian fetish" with my friends. Computer1200 (talk) , 28 December 2009 (UTC)With respect, Hippo43 is a he, not a she.

However, hippo43 should free to list off all the "unstudied arguments" in my comment. Computer1200 (talk) , 28 December 2009 (UTC)With respect, I do recommend that Hippo43 stay focused on laying down logical arguments for the dubious claims she continually tries to enforce, rather than question my ability to read comments, which is ad hominem attack [7] and dangerously close to personal attack [8] that does not directly address the criticisms she is making. I have not tried to enforce anything, or made any dubious claims.

Computer1200 (talk) , 26 December 2009 (UTC)If this topic is even necessary at all, could it be a sub-category of something broader, like Sexual preference, Racial sex preferences, or something along those lines?

I realize that it is being described here as an "obsession", but that information could still be mentioned.

If you want to look for constructive suggestions, doing that isn't one of them.

If you want to make non-trivial changes to the article, I'd suggest creating a proposal like I did above and am going to do below.--Crossmr (talk) , 29 December 2009 (UTC) I think we need to come to a consensus on the definition.

To that end I'm going to list a couple of things and people can weigh in on whether or not they agree or disagree with the assessments, and it would help if people would provide sources that may already be in the article or not in the article for each position.

Again, are there sources available which support any of that?Let's do a detailed search for the concepts underlying the asian fetish, regardless of usage.It is probably safe to say that i have an asian fetish: Therefore, apparently i can say with authority that the fetish is not restricted to sex; but it is obsessive, and sex appeal is a part of it; that appeal includes each of appearance, accent, personality, and work ethic.But in terms of the asian fetish one, being used non-pejoratively, I've brought those up a couple times.Specifically in reference to an architect and clint eastwood making 2 films with a japanese theme.--Crossmr (talk) , 29 December 2009 (UTC)support At least a couple sources I've found use the term in a non-pejorative sense to indicate what seems to be to be an interest and not an obsession, and which doesn't include a focus on women.--Crossmr (talk) , 29 December 2009 (UTC)support all of the reliable sources I've come across that use this term seem to use it as a neutral or positive term to indicate a general interest in all things asian.--Crossmr (talk) , 29 December 2009 (UTC) My comment got lost in the above discussion, so I'll paste the relevent stuff here: If this topic is even necessary at all, could it be a sub-category of something broader, like Sexual preference (currently a redirect to a page that is not completely relevant), Racial sex preferences, or something along those lines? I think it makes sense for them to be together, because there isn't that much to say about any of them individually.

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