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Some Russian guys believe that this is a good way to demonstrate their masculinity and courage.

Considering longevity, today’s statistics look more positive than it was in 1990s.

However, in Russia, the gender gap is out of the ordinary.

The demographic situation in Russia has never been easy and it got even worse after the 20th century wars the country went through.

The roots of the problem lay in relatively low living standards (in big cities like Moscow and St.

Petersburg life is much better and close to the European level), heavy drinking, smoking, and some social norms like a tendency to “solve” problems by physical force.

The shortage of men had a dramatic influence on the women to men ratio in the post-war times.

More than 70 years have passed since the end of WWII but the number of women still prevails, which is bad for society, scientists say.

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Only 627 thousand boys and 593 thousand girls were born. The number of men older than 60 was decreasing at the rapid speed.The number of the young in their 20s will be low due to birth rates in 2000. The demographic problems will continue to trouble the Russian government in 2031 as well, according to the projections.It would be great to say that in 2031 women to men ratio will be more harmonious. The officials keep thinking of ways to avoid further decline, for example, by paying women who have 2 kids before the age of 30.Gender breakdown in Russia is a serious problem the government has been trying to cope with for years.It’s not a surprise that women live longer than men.

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