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Kelly’ six-part, 3 night documentary will air on Lifetime. #Surviving RKelly #Black Twitter Watch on @Lifetime TV: Parts 1 & 2: 01/03 @ 9/8c Parts 3 & 4: 01/04 @ 9/8c Parts 5 & 6: 01/05 @ 9/8c pic.twitter.com/o Ol Rw Bk Dlb — Jerome Trammel (@Mr Jerome Trammel) December 27, 2018 Other explosive claims were made by a woman named Kitti Jones, now 34, who said that the singer sexually abused her while they dated from 2011 to 2013 beginning when she was 27 and he was 44.

She claimed Kelly groomed her and took her to his “sex dungeon” where he forced himself on her.

I can’t stress to you how people are still suffering behind things that went on 20 years ago.”The shocking story is part of a six episode Lifetime series called ' Surviving R Kelly' which will include interviews with a number of R Kelly’s former friends, family members and colleagues, as well as several women who claim that the singer used his power to sexually and physically abuse women and young girls over a number of years.

In 1995, after Aaliyah and R Kelly's locked tight marriage was annulled by her parents, they did actually date.

In 1994, 15 year-old R&B artist Aaliyah released an album (as well as a song) titled "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number." This song fueled existing rumors that she had become involved with an older man.

Within the year, Aaliyah married 26 year-old R&B artist R Kelly, although on their marriage license the couple listed Aaliyah's age as 18.

When you get on the bus there are bunks and so these bunks have little curtains you can pull at night if you don’t want anybody to see you sleeping.” “So it just so happened we were all laying in our bunks and the curtains are open, everybody’s communicating, laughing when the [room] door flew open on the bus.

Things obviously didn’t work out between the two, and now it looks as though Kelly may be flying solo, unless he has a girlfriend whom he is keeping out of the public eye.Claims that Kelly had married the young rap star when she was only 15 date back decades, so it is unclear whether or not the two were intimate before their alleged shotgun wedding or not.Both Kelly and Aaliyah denied that the marriage occurred and even denied that their relationship had ever moved beyond friendship. Kelly has faced numerous allegations of being involved with underage girls throughout his long career.Smith also acknowledged that he was in the room when the two secretly married and that he had forged the paperwork stating that Aaliyah was 18 when in fact she was only 15. She gave me a look like she wanted me to talk to her. That’s why I feel like I failed them, both of them. ✊ pic.twitter.com/0s On GV0g6q — Aaliyah For MAC (@Aaliyah For Mac) January 2, 2019 If you look back at the reporting during the R Kelly-Aaliyah marriage, it was a massive failure. Including this personal assistant who is grinning about the crimes he helped that man commit, and the absuse he enabled. Kelly’s former tour manager and assistant, Demetrius Smith, said Kelly came to him first when he was worried that he had impregnated Aaliyah. That’s why I feel like I failed them, both of them. I knew that it had changed the course of everything.” ATT: 🚨#Team Aaliyah #Aaliyah ‘s Mom , Diane has made a statement in regards to the lies from the #Lifetime #RKelly documentary coming out. We can’t let @lifetimetv lie on @Aaliyah Haughton this way!

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