Pwdlastset attribute not updating

We have written a simple perl script which binds to a AD domain controller and allows AD users to reset their password across multiple systems through one simple interface (Unix, LDAP etc.).

The script modifies the unicode Pwd attribute in active directory and we've successfully tested that indeed the user account password does change.

PS C:\ Get-ADUser –Identity “Kevin” –Properties pwdlastset This above simply grabs the user object from AD and explicitly asks for the pwdlastset attribute. There are lots of resources out there that show different ways to manipulate ‘datetime’ data.

And there is of course the Power Shell help content that can provide lots of tips and tricks.

Commit Changes() This will change the users password.... Basically it can't log into AD to change the password because of the expiration. But I want to use this to verify the users old password for security.

Rolling out new Password Policies can require planning. Well you can imagine some users would have a password older than 90 days when the new policy take effect.

In any case, does anyone out there know concretely what the differences are? Young II had that Hi, I need some help with writing a script that will bulk change the "Pwd Last Set" attribute for user accounts.

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Mueller for his Integer8Date function and system time zone bias code snippet). I would have thought that a password reset would be a modification of the computer account but it doesn't appear quite that simple.

What I want to do is use a script and set users passwords to expire within 10 days or so, so I want to be able to change the "Pwd Last Set" value such that it will expire within 10 days. many thanks Hello there I need to get the "Pwd Last Set" of a user object to know when he last set his password. Directory Entry to bind to the user object, but it either gives "Argument 'Prompt' cannot be converted to type 'String'." or when I use .tostring it returns "system._comobject" I even tried to use this line but it also failed dater. I use the code below: Dim entry As New Directory Services. Path = "LDAP://cn=sameh ahmed,ou=infrastracture,ou=masreya,dc=masreya,dc=local" Msg Box(entry.

It checks to see if the user's AD account password has expired. I have seen plenty of code to set the Pwd Last Set to zero to force the account to expire.

) from the last time it was set or a fixed period of time from a point relative in time. The value of pwd Last Set is a long integer (decimal). Open CALC and set it to Scientific view with DEC selected. Here is an example output from my account here: pwd Last Set value: 126948227778416250 In HEX from CALC: 1C302BD95990E7A Split: 01C302BD 95990E7A Reversed: 95990E7A 01C302BD NLTEST /time:95990E7A 01C302BD 95990e7a 01c302bd = 4/14/2003 The command completed successfully Hope this helps the logic somewhat.... This may be a bit more involved than simply plugging in values, but you never know. Run the following command from a CMD window: dsquery user -name -s ....where can be a partial with wildcard (ie. The result should be the DN for the user - copy it.

Forcing pwd Last Set to zero (0) will act as if you checked the box on the user's account for "User must change password at next logon". Now run this: repadmin /showobjmeta "" ....where is your local DC and is the output from dsquery. Change the password normally on this account and repeat the process above.

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