Proper dating ediquete

Here are 12 things to take note of, if you are a woman out on a first date at a restaurant. The rule of thumb is to dress to impress, so be sure to put effort into your makeup, spruce up your hair, iron what needs to be ironed and accessorize well.

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The first thing you should do is shave and take a shower. If you show up well dressed on a date, the woman will feel flattered that you took the efforts to impress her.

No woman likes to sit by herself in a restaurant waiting for her date to show up. Being present at the venue before your date arrives, shows that you are looking forward to meet her, and that you respect her time.

When on a date, do not pretend to be someone else just to impress the woman.

Even though men still have to play the part of the ultimate gentleman, more and more pressure is now being placed on women to perform during the first date.

She is no longer required to just smile and look pretty.

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