Pregnancy if not married but dating

She had not informed anyone that she is married and now pregnant.

Not until now when she had put up a couple of adorable posts informing her fans about her pregnancy of 32 weeks.

Jewish women in ancient Israel were passed from one male authority (their fathers) to another (their husbands) at a very young age.

Most were betrothed by the time they were thirteen and married by fourteen.

If a committed couple who was already planning to get married commits fornication which results in pregnancy, it would probably make it easier for the family and the child to marry before he or she is born.

But if an uncommitted couple commits the same sin, getting married will not make them right in God's eyes.

God intends for sex to be an intimate expression of love and commitment, to be shared only between a husband and wife.

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God does not want us to try to right our wrongs, but He wants us to give Him our hearts.

How should Christian parents handle a teen daughter who has become pregnant? What is an appropriate level of intimacy before marriage?

Tamron Hall had kept her fans away from the happenings in her personal life until now!

You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price.

So you must honor God with your body.” Disregarding God's plan for marriage, sex, and family always results in these kinds of spiritual or physical consequences: grieving the Holy Spirit (Ephesians ), guilt, shame, regret, loss of respect for self and others, division in families and between believers, poor role modeling, pain for future spouses, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases.

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