Power affirmations turbocharge your dating success

Finally the last time, the IRS seized my restaurant for non-payment of taxes, and auctioned it off on the courthouse steps.Which left me with no car, no house, no money, no job, and ,000 in debt...Recently I had a dialogue via e-mail with my friend Stuart Goldsmith in London. He originally wrote me about his desire to create a work at home type of plan to help people get off government assistance and become independent.Stuart attended my Bermuda Boot Camp and published an insightful newsletter in the U. (He thought perhaps an envelope stuffing, assembly, or similar type of plan might work.

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Prosperity is not an abundance of money and things - it is also a state of mind. Or they buy one ticket a week, as playful entertainment. Without even knowing it, they hate rich people and resent what they have.

You'll change, and then your friends won't like you anymore."So they will find ways (like I did) to sabotage their success.

Which in the work-at-home program would manifest as theft, fraud, shoddy standards (getting their 3 year old to do it), begging for extra work, early payment, more payment because they “really need it,” lots of problems regarding missing work packets and missing payments, and lots of work never returned or heard from again. Well first we must acknowledge the "data-sphere" - the Internet, TV, telephone, radio, magazines, radio, friends, family, newspapers, e-mail, governments, organized religion, and other “agenda setters.” And we must recognize that this data-sphere is continually programming people 24/7, and that almost 95% of it is lack and limitation programming.

What I discovered about success and prosperity was that it had almost nothing to do with opportunities, chance, luck - or even training, education, or skill.

It had everything to do with consciousness, beliefs, and even subconscious programming that you aren’t aware of.

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