Piltdown hoax dating technique

In1953 Piltdown man was revealed as a hoax by Wiener, Le Gros Clark and Oakley.

By this time Piltdown man had been largely ignored and marginalized as more discoveries were made and the remains fitted in less and less with the developing theory.

Britain was largely ignored until in 1912 Charles Dawson found pieces of a skull in a quarry in Piltdown; it was thought to be that of an ancient Pleistocene hominid.

In the following years between 19 another skull was found and an elephant molar and canine tooth were also discovered.

Although the test could not give an absolute date the results were very surprising indeed.

The cranial fragments had a much greater fluorine content than that of the jaw and therefore could not be from the same person.

can be used to tell us whether or not the animals they were from actually lived at about the same time.With the advent of a new dating technique - the Fluorine Absorption Test, the ageing of the finds was proposed.In 1949 the tests revealed that the skulls were actually only 620 years old and mediaeval.Fluorine analysis is primarily used for verifying whether or not two fossils in the same strata at a site were in fact contemporaneous.If not, then at least one of them must be physically out of context.

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