People dating people

faster than Mexican jumping beans, it’s important to choose wisely. We put together a list of the best dating apps for you, taking into consideration your personality type and what you’re looking for. This app requires you to add in your Facebook and Linked In profiles, so that you’re hidden from people you actually know – in case they are on the app as well. If you prefer a lifetime of intelligent conversation to quick one-night-stands, you’ll love this app.

It’s designed to cultivate the best-of-the-best, which feels a little creepy, but gives you a high caliber of potential mates to choose from. After all, there’s a time and a place to settle down ( is your best best.

Your time is more valuable than that, and you’re an independent-minded career professional.

Still, life gets boring just being alone all the time, and you think it would be nice to share it with someone. This dating app delivers custom-matched active profiles straight to your phone every day, so you can cut right to the chase.

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You’re the type of person who thinks it would be great to date someone who is an extension of your existing social circle.

Either way, if this sounds like you, you’ll love the because it puts women in the driver’s seat.

Only women are allowed to initiate conversations with men, which suits you just fine since you think the whole dating scene is full of creepy dudes anyways.

But then again, you probably knew that already, since you’ve got a go-get-’em attitude.

You can be found participating in the Women’s March, the March for Science, or any other number of enlightened protests that suit your interests and political leanings.

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