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When I did the math, I realized she was only 16 and Walker was 33 when they started dating. Bombarded with all the pro-Paul Walker goodwill stories, I tried to keep my disgust at bay.But report after report failed to give any attention to the fact that he had (and for the second time–he had dated a 16-year old before her).He was extremely passionate about his cars and had an impressive personal collection of them.It is interesting to note that his grandfather was a race car driver, so it seems the love for speed and wheels were definitely in his genes!Been Dating Jasmine Pilchard Gosnel For 7 Years Now With The Age Gap of 17 years she only was 16 when they started dating but they were on and off no body really knows what was the state of their current relationship but there's a video of her crashing infront of Paul's santa barbara house on dec a college student now.not really pretty dont know what paul was thinking One daughter her name is Meadow Rain.She lived with her mother Rebecca Macbrian Till she was 12 and since 2011 she was living with Paul Walker full time in California Santa Barbara and she is 15 years old and living with her grandfather sir Walker in Santa Barbara for now.Well, we hadn’t expected any less from our eye candy’s daughter!As expected, the Fast and Furious actor had a soft spot for cars.

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From the very first news of his death, I had an uncomfortable feeling about the situation. In 2001, he bagged his breakthrough role in the first of these hit films as agent Brian O’Connor and returned to the many sequels the franchise put out, until his untimely death during production of the seventh installment.Apart from films, Walker had also appeared in a few TV roles; However, his career was cut short, and on November 30, 2013, Paul Walker was killed in a car crash.When Paul Walker died, we were flooded with media reports of his death.Heck, he even seemed to get more press than Nelson Mandela did after his death only a few days later.

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