Pagdating ng mga kanluranin sa asya

“I need to finish folding these clothes first before doing my Daily Lesson Log while cooking rice for our breakfast. She has been in teaching for almost twenty two years but still holding a position of Teacher I, the lowest rank in the platform of Department of Education (Dep Ed).

“ Gemma mumbles while she glances to her husband and four children sleeping soundly in their rooms. In spite of this condition, she had devoted her life to teaching.

The most exhilarating part of Gemma’s life is when her second short story about life, love, betrayal and death became viral.

Ang Diary ng Isang Patay (A Diary of the Dead) received more than twenty thousand likes and more than eighteen thousand shares in just two months from the FB users (netizens). The netizens became conscious and more eager about her life and her written stories.

” Maricel says, her closest friend and co-teacher who just promoted for Master Teacher I in Senior High School, a month ago, who is definitely rendered shorter service in the Dep Ed.

“I thought of that but certainly it will become a dilemma.

The Social Media has a great influence in these changes.

Gemma, as a teacher needs to be abreast with these issues and be flexible by finding means how to bridge these hurdles.

“Why did you not pursue your Master degree and after that you can apply for promotion?She tackled issues, conditions, and aspirations of the Public School teachers in her first novel series entitled Agonies of a Teacher.When the first part was posted, most of the comments from the readers are they excited in the next chapter.He religiously mingled with the students and discovered very important insights.Using the recent technologies and learners’ interests like Facebook (FB), Twitter, Instagram and the like including millennial language could be tools and aids in more emphatic and realistic teaching-learning process.

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