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Federici adheres to this Foucauldian approach of uncovering the genealogy of power, placing greater emphasis on it than conventional Marxist and feminist analyses.

She states that witches do not work either; they are engaged in alternative activities, and this is their main crime against the bourgeois order.

This transformation required the destruction of the conception of the body “as a receptacle of magical powers that had prevailed in the medieval world,” in which the lines between Christian religion, magic, and the remains of paganism were still not clear.

Precapitalist bodies felt themselves connected to nature and the stars in various ways: the The death of the body meant cutting off any magical potential that did not fit into the scenarios of capitalist development.

This ordering is superficially social/economic/etc., but in fact derives from a set of fundamental metaphysical axioms.

“No one yet has determined what the do: it must work.

According to Federici, in the transition from feudalism to capitalism the multiple powers of the body were transformed into a calculable and controllable work-power.

These notes are conditioned by my personal experience of being a child who was so scared of the dark that the only way to overcome the horror was to let myself be fully absorbed by this darkness, to identify with it.

I’m sure I’m not the only child who has used this tactic to deal with her fear of the dark.

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