Onvalidatingpassword example

This final step is optional but useful for configuration tools that query provider information.

Don’t forget to call the base class’s Initialize implementation for initializing basic properties properly.

As you can see, you even can include custom settings such as the filename setting, which is not included in the default set of properties of the Membership provider.

This filename property is a custom property for your specific provider that points to the XML file that contains the user information.

If that’s the case, the function returns false or otherwise true.

The last interesting part in the Create User method is how the password is set for the user.

You will pass this filename to the User Store class in a separate property that you will use in the remaining functions of the implementation.

private User Store Current Store Next, you have a large number of methods in your provider.

The methods basically access the information through the previously created store classes.

The complete code is available with the book’s download.) Let’s get started with the Create User method.

Creating Users and Adding Them to the Store The Create User method is interesting because it needs to make sure that the user name and e-mail are unique and that the password is valid and adheres to the password strength requirements.

In the case of the Hashed setting, it creates the simple hash through the forms authentication utility method and then returns the hash for the password.

The last possible option stores the password encrypted in the database, which has the advantage that the password can be retrieved from the database through decryption.

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