Old school dating tips intimidating confidence

There was no quick text or instant validation that your message was received or responded to.

A date was a form of commitment, however small and temporary, and the ability to commit is a sign of maturity, you know.Back when online dating did not exist, how did dates occur?You had to really value the date you had, as replacing them when you got home and logged into an online dating service was not an option. It made you really think about what you had in common and put effort into that experience.In today’s fast-paced digital world, an instant text, message or dating app will send a message at the speed of light, and you could have instant gratification that the person is responding and the uncanny ability within all hours of the day or night to respond.For some purposes, this is great, but for other reasons, the technology of communication has changed the way we date — not always for the better.

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