Not just another dating site

Another major differentiating factor between Found My and other dating sites is the fact that Found My is truly an international site.Should users wish to make a match inside or outside of his/her own country, they can!Found My is one of the newest most exciting sites to be introducted to the Internet.

And when you see a nice ladyboy / transgender woman or good looking man that caught your interest, you can send a message to attract her or his attention.

Thank you for addressing the importance of face to face friendships, they cannot be replaced by online friendships. Thank you for providing a place for people who are looking for companionship and camaraderie and not necessarily relationships to find others to do fun things with. Contact us The site works kinda like a dating site with profiles, search, and messaging but it is platonic and not for dating, get it?

I am new to my city in Colorado and would like to explore the area with new friends. Privacy Policy How safe is it to meet strangers online?

Or you can also start a private chat or make use of our advanced Videochat function to get a better impression of your protentional date.

Our site is hosting an advanced search system to present you with the best matches, for both our male and transsexual members.

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