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"I read two words and they gave me a lead," he later said.

The Florida State Drama Award included a scholarship to the Hyde Park Playhouse, a summer stock theatre, in Hyde Park, New York.

He also claimed Cherokee and Italian roots, both of which remain unverified.

He, his mother, and his sister joined his father at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and lived there for two years.

Reynolds was voted the world's number one box office star for five consecutive years (from 1978 to 1982) in the annual Top Ten Money Making Stars Poll, a record he shares with Bing Crosby.

After a number of box office failures, Reynolds returned to television, starring in the sitcom Evening Shade (1990–1994).

After the tour, Reynolds returned to New York and enrolled in acting classes, along with Frank Gifford, Carol Lawrence, Red Buttons and Jan Murray.

"I was a working actor for two years before I finally took my first real acting class (with Wynn Handman at the Neighborhood Playhouse)," he said.

During 10th grade at Palm Beach High School, Reynolds was named First Team All State and All Southern as a fullback, and received multiple scholarship offers.In his first term at PBJC, he was in an English class taught by Watson B. Duncan pushed him into trying out for a play he was producing, Outward Bound.He cast him in the lead role based on having heard him read Shakespeare in class, leading to his winning the 1956 Florida State Drama Award for his performance.Reynolds began acting on television in the late 1950s, guest starring on shows like Flight, M Squad, Schlitz Playhouse, The Lawless Years and Pony Express. Reynolds' first big break came when he was cast alongside Darren Mc Gavin in the lead of the TV series Riverboat (1959–61), playing Ben Frazer.According to a contemporary report Reynolds was considered "a double for Marlon Brando".

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