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For Eighteen years the American military has fought the Taliban, al Qaeda, and ISIS from the Hindu Kush to the Philippines Seas and most lands in between.The one common denominator between those Jihadi scum is their view on smoking cigarets.They are militantly anti-smoking, as in cut off your fingers for smoking, anti-smoking.One of the first things people do when they see Americans rolling into villages after thumping ISIS or al Qaeda or whoever, is to light up and enjoy the right to ‘smoke them if they got them’.

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Plus, the Droney story chunks information in a easily understood manner.Try dodging one of those and the Men in Black show up to shoot your dog and yoke you up for smoking a cigaret.As a local VSO (veteran service officer) I frequent VA facilities throughout the Rio Grande Valley.When you hear that another Iranian missile blew up and killed its satellite you’ll already have a good understanding of why that happened.Efficiency in digesting complex news about international events can be difficult, so I’m doing my part to make it easier with simple stores about complex things I think I know something about.

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