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L’intimidation peut se vivre sous toutes sortes de formes et dans toutes sortes d’endroits, par exemple à l’école, au travail ou dans tout autre milieu.

Dans tous les cas, l’intimidation a des conséquences importantes pour les personnes qui en sont victimes.

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Ces conséquences peuvent affecter la santé physique, la santé mentale et les relations sociales.

Covert bullying can be almost impossible for people outside the interpersonal interaction to identify.

Covert bullying can include repeatedly using hand gestures and weird or threatening looks, whispering, excluding or turning your back on a person, restricting where a person can sit and who they can talk with.

Overt bullying involves physical actions such as punching or kicking or observable verbal actions such as name-calling and insulting.

Overt, direct, physical bullying is a common depiction of bullying. But overt physical bullying may not be the most common type of bullying.

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