Nicaragua dating customs dating someone with opposite political beliefs

Now, copy the Spanish translation and paste it into the S-E #1 window and translate it back into English.Does it still say what you wanted to say as you intended? Third time is usually the charm with this technique.But, if you are in your 40’s or 50’s and are semi-buff, have a little bit of cash and can run fairly tight over the hill game then you can score hot college educated chicks in their mid to late twenties in Nicaragua no problem (hint: during lunch time run cold approach day game on the female employees of banks and cell phone companies).One thing that makes having a Nica girlfriend twenty years younger than you so cool is that in Nicaragua no one will hardly bat an eye.No, it does not, so now you must edit the Spanish version correcting one mistake at a time. I have also found this to be a great interactive, less painful way to study Spanish.Use your other two unused open windows to search for the vocabulary and sentence structure necessary to correct your Spanish writing. Once you are up and running on LAC I suggest copying the profiles of all the girls you are interested in and pasting them into a word document.Then you will need three professional quality photographs that fully reveal your vibe but NOT your identity. In addition, the photos should make you look no more than three years younger than you really are because you don’t want to shock a girl with your appearance on the first meet and greet. You want one shot of you in a suit and tie in a five-star environment, one shot of you at your “fake” job (more about this below) and one of you doing something dangerous or exciting like rock climbing, surfing, snowboarding, or flying a plane.

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So if you are looking for that kinda’ shit I suggest you look elsewhere. They are a poor people but they are not dumb and they refuse to allow Nicaragua to become another Costa Rica (Nicas and Ticos hate each other).

Again, don’t knock more than three years off of your age unless you really look the age you state.

So state an age you can actually pull off in the full light of day.

I do this to help me remember specific details about a chick without having to revisit her profile.

Every time you visit a girls profile on LAC she can see that you have and if you do it too much it comes across as blue pill, needy, and/or stalkerish.

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