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Have you guys started watching lots of movies at his house and need access to a better digital catalogue–Roku–(starts at .99) or Apple TV (). I Like Beer: If your love digs suds, there are a bunch of options. You know if your sweetie is the type for this kind of gift, but I doubt they will see this one coming and it’s sure to be something they will remember. The Win-Win: Take the pressure off and agree to do something for each other together that YOU BOTH WANT TO DO and you pay for the other–but you’re each paying the same, get it.

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*NOTE FROM THE GIFTING WHISPERER: The deal my husband and I made was that he would co-write this post with me but I had to include this selection. If budget is at issue, minor league baseball games, for example, can be much more reasonable and so, so fun.

Since birthday’s only come but once a year, we created an entire post with all our favorite creative birthday ideas so you can come to one place for all your gift-giving needs.

Not to mention, these gift ideas are all nearly or less! Whether you’re searching for creative birthday ideas for a best friend, a girlfriend, or even a close family member, these cute birthday ideas are sure to make their day extra special! In addition, you may feel like the creative birthday ideas you’re searching for need to fit a certain style based on the recipient. Additionally, do you need to gift something small, easy to transport, and cute? Lastly, are you going for funny and clever with your birthday gift?

The good news is that we’ve split up all our ideas into easy-to-browse categories! Our punny ideas will crack you (and your birthday friend) up!

So, enjoy these creative birthday gifts and come back again when you have another birthday gift to plan for!

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