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But soon I will get the chance to date him in turn and show all the......"wonders" England has to show!Then we can cripple the matter of distance for good!

Also, "Michael Davis" is the name a scam artist used on me back in October.

Disney, Universal, and Seaworld might be the main ones, but tons of putt-putt, museums, and other stuff from what I remember but it's been years since I've been.

It's pretty much the best place in the US for attractions outside of some areas in California.

She even split some of the meat she got out for us between us like a true awesome waitress knowing we were there to share the meal. But of course Rad is romantic in the end of the day, he did take me to a romantic stroll by a large lake in he city and we went on a peddle boat ride, that was definitely unique!

I only bought a single souvenir to take home with me and it was a Joe's Crab Shack peace shirt, because buying tat is a stupid idea for a souvenir, but buying tat which actually MEANS something like a reminder of that romantic meal is definitely worth the purchase! We also went swimming together (well that was my idea I pushed on him) and we really enjoyed that!

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