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The New Yorker has yet to determine how its strategy will change with The New Yorker Today, but it’s clear that the magazine is trying to make it as easy as possible for users to subscribe: It takes just two taps to subscribe to New from the app.

From the app’s launch piece: The app is available right now on i Phones, and everything, for a while at least, is free.

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The New Yorker this morning launched The New Yorker Today, a new i Phone app built to offer users an up-to-date look at content from New

New York Comic Con has teamed up with Lyte to create a legitimate, safe, and official badge exchange. You can now return your sold-out badge types to Lyte. You can make a reservation through Lyte to buy a NYCC badge after the type you want has sold out.

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The app is an extension of The New Yorker’s efforts to increase its presence on the web while also staying true to its history and brand. Where you can experience the best in pop culture because no matter what fandom you’re passionate about, we have it waiting here for you. Where you’re accepted and embraced for being yourself.New editor Nicholas Thompson said the goal is to get more New Yorker readers coming back every day — and, hopefully, convince more of them to subscribe.“Our instinct is that for a brand like ours that has a lot of loyal readers that are reading all the time, it’s very important to give them an extremely quick way to read everything,” he said.

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