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MDP I don't know about the FVS328, but I know the FVS318 has no way of knowing. Most of the ones I know however, allow you to have as many users as you want, but only as many simultaneous connections as you have installed licenses. " was wondering is maybe it was a security setting on the domain that wouldn't allow the pc's to finish the phase 2. Assuming the latter, it would likely be a policy on the router, which is not the case as the laptop works, or in the Windows or other 3rd party firewall.I know Watch Guard tracks outgoing connections and once you reach the limit no new PC can connect to the Internet. " Conceivable there could be a policy in place blocking your subnet, but couldn't stop the phase 2 connection. The Windows firewalls do other have the ability to allow connections from only the LAN, defined subnets, or all traffic.Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? Well, I may be telling on myself, but I think we purchased about 3 or 4 licenses but never installed any on the netgear.Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. We would just install the software and export the same profile.If not familiar with the process right click on the prosafe icon and choose "security policy editor". You can export the existing first if you want to back it up. Old site New site Exported the known working Policy from my laptop (which will connect via the same exact wall jack) to all pc's. Belonging to or not belonging to the domain shouldn't make a difference except possible name resolution issues, which is why I had asked about pinging by IP.Already made sure that it is selecting the internal network card on each pc. No other computers that are not registered to the domain have the problem in 4 other locations. MDP Bizarre :-) I assume the reason you can connect and not ping is it looks like the phase 2 handshaking is not completing. Does the FVS328 have any way of checking if you have enough user licenses for the clients?It reads,"3-09: .718 Cannot match Policy Entry for received Phase 2 IDs: 3-07: .796 NO MATCHING SECURE CONNECTION (IP ADDR=I removed the ip, it is public) - Error validating Proxy ID" This is the same exact policy on my laptop.FYI, I would rather get this working in order not to charge the customer for more pieces of equipment at this time. We will have to implement a dedicated VPN later because they will grow and as well as that little Netgear FVS328 has done, (literally NO problems as opposed to the 338).

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Re-booting the FVS328 would reset the counter if you wanted to verify.

I just connected to the vpn and searched the router for any sign of user licenses and found none.

We only have one attempting to log in currently over at the other location.

Here is the setup: I have a Netgear FVS328 in the main office.

I have had vpn capability setup with that office for quite some time from multiple computers using netgear's Prosave VPN client software. I had to take 4 of the PCs to the new location, but still have them able to log onto the domain in order to access documents on the server which is located in the main office. When I take them to the new site, install the client software, and try to connect, it says successfully connected. (All 4 pc's are the same.) The odd thing is if I plug my laptop into the same port, I connect fine and ping fine. So I believe that it is in the computers and I am leaning in a direction but do not want to sway thought. I do get one error on the log when I log into the "PC" and not the domain.

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