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The show itself was Amanda sharing her experiences in life and relating her experiences with death, abortion, miscarriage, and sharing it all with a searing honesty.

And in between these stories, pounding our her songs on the piano with a fervor.

“If there is a burden, it’s that it’s so difficult to get the balance right. I often need to shut everything off and go take a bath or sit in the yard with my kid and play with snow.

Got there a half hour early to realize they weren’t serving alcohol after the show began. So I was forced to wait til after the first song to sit.She’s shared these things with me inadvertently via long Patreon blog posts, chunky Instagram captions, and a “companion book” to her first solo effort in over six years, , which includes photos of Amanda in various states of pagan revelry on beaches and in between trees, plus a deeply specific mid-length essay about every one of her album’s ten lyrical tracks (the other ten are instrumental). “I think my propensity to arming my songs with context is probably partly a defense mechanism from having been so misinterpreted for so long,” Amanda tells me of the companion book.“I would prefer to write a correct set of Cliffs Notes myself than to watch the is operatic and dramatic and painfully personal, with songs that begin quietly and swell into screams. Bringing the real world problems in to her music and sharing her own personal abortion story was so powerful! Everything I’d hoped for Paramount Theatre - Seattle Amanda is an amazing performer and storyteller. Amazing Paramount Theatre - Seattle Profound, moving, and healing.The messages in this show are incredibly relevant amd important.

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