Mormons dating catholics

The comment by Apostle Nelson states 'some history is found within its pages.' He does not clarify where such history may be found in the book.

Admin note: There is no evidence of any actual history in the Book of Mormon.]Apr. Whitney Clayton tells BYU graduates to disconnect from ex-Mormons and avoid relationships with "exes".

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These members were troubled as a result of learning the real history of the Mormon church on the Internet, versus the content in the whitewashed official manuals.

Mormon Church, "If you do not like the current version of doctrine or history, we will rewrite it for you".

See current polling method used by the Mormon church. 2014 Charges of Fraud against the Mormon Church in England.

2015 And many more including the wives of men he sent on missions.

Only brief and vague information on Smith's polygamy is mentioned in official teaching manuals.

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