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Part of it is no doubt race, but part of it is that midwesterners suck.

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In highschool, I was once turned down because I was a vegetarian and all of my boyfriends were uncomfortable with my lack of religious beliefs.It's like being stupid and obese was looked at as normal in Houston. Diversity in people's lives as they were growing up probably plays a factor.Now all people talk about is their most recent cross fit PR or science. I live in the Milwaukee area, which the actual city is very segregated and I tend not to see as much interracial dating here... Move to Chicago and you won't have any problems with dating because of race, if that's your problem.They weren't, like, actively hatefully racist -- it's just that, in the culture they came up in, the concept of dating someone not white was simply not part of their reality.Coming from a very xenophobic family, I couldn't be bitter.

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