Mesquite married dating

The creamy ripe avocado complements the salty flavors of the oysters and caviar.I follow up with a favorite soup of ours——purée of artichoke with black truffle and Parmesan.We finish up sitting on my new terra cotta patio, next to the cozy firepit.The perfect day begins with my husband, Billy, and me knowing we have the day off together, uninterrupted.I use the spicy Maya chocolate from Chuao Chocolatier, served with a glass of Brachetto d’Aqui from Piedmonte.We finish the night off with a romantic walk along the beach, ending, of course, in my crib.Then we head out on our bikes toward Point Loma for a “leisurely” 7-mile ride to Cabrillo National Monument.(The hills near the point will help whet our appetites.) Low tide on Valentine’s Day is p.m., so we’ll aim to arrive at the tidepools then, so we can walk along the shoreline, visit the creatures and get our toes wet. After a toast, we enjoy fresh-baked bread with herb-infused olive oil.

My wife, Natalie, and I have a delectable picnic at the botanical gardens overlooking the koi ponds in Balboa Park.We sip champagne, enjoy superb artisan cheeses and feed each other bite-sized morsels as we indulge each other and absorb the scenery.I prepare my wife’s favorite dish——baked oysters with sautéed spinach, serrano ham and saffron sabayon topped with osetra caviar.These men and women use their culinary skills to achieve amorous results.Whether they’re married or dating, our foodies seem to have discovered a recipe for romance.

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