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According to Melua, the song’s inspiration came when she and fellow English singer-songwriter Mike Batt took a trip to Beijing, China.

During a tour of the city, their interpreter/tour guide told them that the city alone had nine million bicycles.

According to him, the part where Melua talks about the age of the universe being only 12 billion years (“we are 12 billion light-years from the edge”) is inaccurate.

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She was the United Kingdom’s best -selling female artist and Europe’s highest selling European female artist. We wish her and her husband all the best for their upcoming bundle of joy!!With this report, it is certain that both of them are happily married as of now. They have made routine visits to the Orphanages in London just because they like to spend time with kids.Our sources reveal that James wanted kids before Katie wanted them.Katie Mula, age 31, is a Georgian-British Singer, songwriter and musician.Our sources also reveal that some romantic songs she wrote after 2012 are entirely about her own love story with James and about him.

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