Mcafee backdating trial

The verdict was a rare acquittal in the continuing federal investigation of stock-option manipulations, which has focused on Silicon Valley companies that commonly used backdating to recruit executives in the early 2000s. Attorney Laurel Beeler told the judge she wasn't authorized to make the decision on her own. Neal told reporters he agreed that the case should be dropped and declined further comment.

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The move to end the case comes after criminal charges against Roberts were dismissed in October, meaning that Roberts faces no more government allegations related to the accounting woes at Mc Afee....

on Friday of two fraud charges connected to his alleged manipulation of the dates of stock options that were part of his salary in 2000.

Jurors deadlocked on a charge that he falsified company records to hide his actions.

Backdating an option to buy company stock is not illegal in itself, but it is illegal to make false statements in government and company records about the practice.

Roberts's lawyer, Stephen Neal, has said Roberts's attorneys will "vigorously defend" Roberts against the charges.

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