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But eventually, Peter Mac Kay was ready to go public about his new partner back in the fall of 2003, when the then-leader of the Progressive Conservatives revealed that he was in negotiations to marry the old Tory party with Stephen Harper and the Canadian Alliance.

And it was far from clear that their families would approve of their secret meetings.

By a three to one decision — four to one if you include Solomon — the pundits ruled that it was not.

Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn denounced the reporting most emphatically while only NDP strategist Ian Capstick defended it.

We agreed it was suitable for a blog post and nothing more. Later Wednesday, Jane Taber of the Globe and Mail wrote a piece for her politics notebook that claimed Adams was being blamed for costing the Conservatives a vote on the Veterans Affairs committee.

According to her conflict of interest declaration, Peter was working for the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association as recently as September but it appears he left there a few months ago. The marital bust-ups are far from the first to hit members of the Harper government.Ditchburn compared the issue to the outing a gay MP, which I think is an unfair comparison, as neither Soudas nor Adams appear be hiding their relationship.The genius of this approach, as pointed out on Twitter by the Citizen’s Andrew Potter, was that it allowed the Solomon show to report the same details I had while simultaneously adopting a posture of disapproval and even disdain.Since coming to Ottawa, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt parted ways with her spouse, as did Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.My blog post yesterday on former PMO communications director Dimitri Soudas and rookie Conservative MP Eve Adams provoked outrage, with many critics denouncing it as gossip that violates the separation of political figures’ private and public lives.

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