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Let me say it one more time loud and clear – differs from any other paid dating site out there by letting the free users to send a limited number of short messages.This means you don’t have to dig deep into the bottom of your pockets in order to use this safe and fun dating environment.Paid users can send unlimited long emails, find out whether their messages have been read, send e-cards and take full use of the compatibility and matching feature.You will also get a detailed search option, plus you will also receive feedback to see how you compare to what other people are looking for and have the option of browsing in incognito mode should you wish to do that.

No timewasters or scammers here, at least we haven’t yet stumbled upon any.A good thing about is that it is really clear and particular about what it offers.Even before you sign up, you get a very clear idea about who is this site for, how much it costs and what you get for that money – or indeed, what you get for no money, if you decide to go for the free membership.Even free members can send short messages, so some means of communication is always free for members and the site owners claim they have no plans to change that policy.There are a few little things you need to do in order to be able to send free messages but it is a fact that you can get a quota of free emails – plus reading mails from and getting back to paid members who have contacted you is always free.

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